Cedalion Health is an executive health consulting office owned by Dr. Todd Dorfman. Dr. Dorfman is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician who maintains additional certification in disease prevention and age management medicine. He has been a leader on the cutting-edge of disease prevention and age management medicine for over eleven years. As a patient at Cedalion Health, you get access to Dr. Dorfman’s expertise and his office as often as you need to ensure optimal health. At Cedalion Health, our goal is to put you in the best position to feel great today and tomorrow. Cedalion Health offers targeted and customized solutions to attain optimal health. We work in conjunction with your other health care providers- primary care and specialists- to employ cutting-edge medical techniques that can improve your life. Examples of some of our most popular services include: comprehensive, ongoing executive health consultation membership, hormone replacement therapy membership, hourly, concern-specific health consultation, and cool sculpting weight loss technology.

Executive Health Consulting

A key tenet of high quality healthcare is customization. A "one-size-fits-all" approach to prevention and disease treatment rarely works. At Cedalion Health, we provide customized, ongoing executive health consulting for our patients. Dr. Dorfman offers our patients a personalized medical program that shifts from the typical disease-driven approach to a proactive and dynamic design that encourages prevention and healthy aging.

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Cool Sculpting Services

At Cedalion Helath, we have the technology in our office to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Cool Sculpting weight loss services are an FDA-approved alternative to liposuction without any recovery time or surgery. Learn more about Cool Sculpting here.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone levels decline as we age, which means that we feel less like ourselves as we get older. Hormone replacement therapy replenishes the hormones needed for proper bodily functions and optimal health. Bio-Identical hormones are indistinguishable from the hormones we naturally produce. In our hormone replacement therapy program, Dr. Dorfman customizes a treatment plan just for you, that combines bio-identical hormone therapy with proper nutrition and fitness to optimize your body's intricate hormonal balance and make you feel better every day.

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